Patrick Oh

Board of Directors, Treasurer

Patrick works with mission-driven organizations keen on providing direct services for the underserved population, including low-income patients, patients needing language concordant services, and reproductive health services. For the past 25+ years, Patrick has worked as a leader in numerous positions within the non-profit and academic healthcare delivery system. Patrick’s principal background is in information technology, as he’s been programming since he was a kid. His recent professional experience at UCSF, Planned Parenthood, and San Francisco Health Network includes designing revenue-generating professional services, applications, and analytics programs for value-based care payment programs. Patrick currently serves as a Chief IT Architect for UCSF’s School of Dentistry.

Patrick obtained his bachelor’s degree studying Philosophy at UCLA and later obtained an MSIS at the University of San Francisco. Patrick has three children and lives in Berkeley. Patrick enjoys books, coffee, basketball, and tending to his flock of backyard chickens.

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